The Hallmarks of Cancer

We are pleased to present a 12 part series on the Hallmarks of Cancer in The Londoner. We launch the series this month with an article outlining the the hallmarks, or “set of characteristics in cells that are essential for their development into cancer” first identified by Drs. Douglas Hanahan and Robert Weinberg in 2000, and later updated in 2011. Dr. David Rodenhiser provides the anchor to the series with an article outlining all 10 hallmarks. As you may recall Dr. Rodenhiser did a brilliant job of explaining the hallmarks of cancer in his Ignite presentation at Ignite Cancer in March of last year. In the following 10 months an article, written by a local researcher whose work touches upon one of the hallmarks, will be added to the series. We are grateful to all of the researchers who volunteered to participate in the series.

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