Let’s Talk Cancer 2016

Dr. David Rodenhiser delivers the opening keynote address
Dr. Moshmi Bhattacharya leads “Understanding Cancer Metastasis”
Adam Rabalski helps students extract DNA
Dr. David Litchfield delivers the closing keynote address
Approximately 80 high school students participated in Let’s Talk Cancer in London on Tuesday May 3, 2016 . The day was co-presented by RIOT and Let’s Talk Science teams at Western University. The day’s activities were generously funded by Merck.
The day was opened by a keynote address by Dr. David Rodenhiser who provided an introduction to the basics of cancer and the multidisciplinary nature of cancer research, detection and treatment. Students then participated in breakout sessions featuring hands-on activities lead by 11 cancer researchers, graduate students or PhD candidates from various areas of cancer research.
 The day came to a close with a keynote address by Dr. David Litchfield who focused on the conditions today including technological advances, computational capacity and the resultant information explosion that are moving cancer research ahead at a previously unheard of rate.

Special thanks to everyone who made Let’s Talk Cancer (LTC) possible:  

Sponsoring Organizations
Let’s Talk Science, National Office
Canadian Cancer Society, Ontario Provincial Office
Organizing Committee
Research Information Outreach Team (RIOT): Adrienne Borrie (LTC Co-Chair), Lee Jones, Zeynep Kahramanoglu, Haley McConkey, Donna Murrell and Angie Woodcock
Let’s Talk Science (LTS): Sarah Mattonen (LTC Co-Chair)
Event Day Volunteers
RIOT: Lee Jones, Adrienne Borrie, Haley McConkey, Jessica Rodgers
LTS: Yonathan Araya, Caitlin Evered, Sina Ghoreishi, Emily Kyle, Cory Lefebvre, Sally Lin, Sarah Mattonen, Michael Mehta, Ermela Paparisto and David Park
Breakout Sessions: Gurleen Chahal, Charles Ishak, Linada Kaci, Jenna Kara, Justin Michael and Sarah Mattonen
Dr. David Rodenhiser
Dr. Jerry Battista
Dr. Moshmi Bhattacharya
Adam Rabalski
Katie Parkins
Adrienne Borrie
Tom Hrinivich
Dr. Lori Lowes/Haley McConkey
Jessica Rodgers
Dr. Aaron Ward
Yoah Sui
Aren Marshall
Dr. David Litchfield
Thank you to CurioCity for providing a platform for promotional materials and registration management.
Funding for Let’s Talk Cancer provided by:

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