A Note about Funding Citations in our Londoner Articles

To honour the emerging spirit of collaboration in cancer research RIOT invites researchers from all local research facilities, who receive funding from a variety of sources, to participate in our monthly Londoner columns. We respect that funders often ask that a notation of their contributions be noted wherever possible.  With the limitations of a word count of 600 words or less for our column, RIOT excludes citations of funding sources in all of our columns. In some cases multiple funders contribute over multiple years and this would make for a very long citation. We want as many words as possible dedicated to descriptions of the research and how it reflects the progress and promise of cancer research today. We always include the author’s name and their research institution affiliation. This provides readers with a reference point at which to start should they wish to find out more about the research including information on its funding sources. Any concerns or inquiries about this policy may be directed to awoodcock@ontario.cancer.ca.