Let’s Talk: Machine Learning!

machine learning

What are machine learning and artificial intelligence?

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) involves training computer algorithms to recognize and analyze patterns in data to imitate human intelligence. Data sets can be obtained from various sources such as DNA sequences, protein sequences, or medical imaging. In cancer research, machine learning and AI can be used to integrate genetic information and lifestyle factors to identify features associated with cancer or predict how a patient might respond to treatment. Insights gained from these algorithms can be used to predict an individual’s risk for developing cancer, improve accuracy of diagnosis, and predict treatment outcomes.

What jobs are involved in machine learning and artificial intelligence?

Machine learning and AI algorithms are often developed by individuals who have an academic background in software engineering, computer science, or data analytics. Knowledge of biology and life sciences is an asset, but this knowledge is not a requirement. Individuals in this field must be able to develop accurate and robust predictive models using programming.

Where are the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence heading?

Software engineering and computer science are emerging fields, and we are only in the early stages of applying machine learning and AI to cancer research. Machine learning shows potential to be the foundation of personalized care for cancer treatments. Machine learning and AI are used to develop computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) software for diagnosing some cancer types. Currently machine learning is used to predict an individual’s overall susceptibility to a variety of cancer types and predict sites for secondary cancer growths.


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