Let’s Talk: Computer Science!

Linking Source Code to the Genomic Code


How does computer science relate to cancer research?

Cancer is a complicated and multifaceted disease, and already researchers have gathered a tremendous amount of information about the different cancers . With the help of modern technologies, scientists can collect complex biological data such as DNA and protein sequences. Without computers, it is often difficult for researchers to make sense of this information. Computers can efficiently analyze cancer data, make models using medical imaging data, and offer predictions for patient outcomes. Computers help cancer researchers reveal and interpret patterns hidden in cancer data that might otherwise go unnoticed by humans.

What jobs in computer science can you pursue if you’re interested in cancer research?

There are a number of jobs in the field of the computer science that relate to cancer research. Take a look at our blog posts about:

Where is the field of computer science heading?

Advances in DNA sequencing make biological data readily available, and the amount of available data is only predicted to increase in the future. In order to investigate cancer-related genes, create models of tumours, and develop new treatments, these data must be interpreted and translated into meaningful and relevant information. Therefore, there is a tremendous need for computer scientists in the field of cancer research to develop models, algorithms, and programs to simplify this workflow and to analyze the ever-increasing amount of biological data.