The Londoner

The London RIOT team publishes a monthly column in The Londoner newspaper, providing information about different topics related to cancer research. Each year the team picks a different theme to guide the articles.

All articles originally appeared in The Londoner. Posted with permission.

2017: Promise in Cancer Research – Young Researcher Series

January – Introduction to the Young Researcher Series
February – Aren Marshall
March – Charles Ishak
April – Nicole Pinto
May – Matthew Maitland
June – Zeynep Kahramanoglu
July – Dr. Saman Maleki
August – Haider M. Hassan
September – Jessica Rodgers
October – Dr. Tom Hrinivich
November – *Coming Soon*
December – *Coming Soon*

2016: Possibilities Come to Life – 5 Years of Cancer Research Realized

January – Introduction to the Possibilities Come to Life Series
February – Accessibility of Tumour DNA Sequencing Identifies New Targets for Cancer Treatments
March – Induced Stem Cells: They’re Not All Equal
April – Cancer Stem Cells: What is new?
May – HPV-Induced Cancers – A Warty Problem!
June – The Right Drug, Right Dose, for the Right Patient, Right Now
July – Hitting the Bulls-Eye: Hybrid PET/MRI and Radiotherapy of Cancer
August – The Elusive “Magic Bullet”, Why Billions of Dollars Haven’t Cured Cancer
September – Beyond Beating Childhood Leukemia: Investigating Brain Development
October – New Technology to Diagnose Hard-to-Find Cancer
November – Prostate Cancer Imaging Improves the Big Picture for Patients
December – After the Battle: Supporting Survivor Mental Health

2015: Hallmarks of Cancer Series

January – The Hallmarks of Cancer
February – Genome Instability and Mutation
March – Altered Energy Metabolism in Cancer
April – Uncontrollable Growth of Cancer Cells: Self-Sufficiency in Growth Signals
May – Evading Growth Suppressors
June – Resisting Cell Death
July – Enabling Replicative Immortality
August – Invasion by the Cancer Cell: The Final Frontier
September – How to Ensure Treatment is Starving Tumour of Oxygen and Nutrients
October – How Cancer Immunotherapy is Changing the Face of Cancer Treatment
November – Hijacked: Cancer Uses Immune Cells to Benefit Tumour Survival
December – Conclusion